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Pap-Tech engineers and associates manufactures and supplies the analog bursting strength tester, digital (microprocessor based) Bursting Strength Tester, Pneumatic bursting strength Tester, Fully Automatic Bursting Strength Tester.
Double Head Digital Bursting Strength Tester checks the Bursting Strength of paper and board, paperboard and other similar materials. Bursting Factor is calculated only for paper by machine after putting suitable GSM of paper before starting the test. Double Head Bursting Strength Tester consist of double head specifically one for the paper and the other for the board. Double Head Bursting strength Tester consist of two rubber diaphragms one for board of diameter 79 mm and one for paper of diameter 49mm. Double Head Digital Bursting Strength Tester is based on microprocessor and it can beconnected to printer and computer also, the readings are stored in the microprocessor which has a capacity of storing up to 2000 readings and these readings can be saved in a pen drive. We can also customize the machine by attaching instant thermal printer on the machine.In this Bursting Strength Tester we have a facility to check the paper and board simultaneously one after other by switching it to paper or board with the help of direction lever.
For every equipment calibration is checked with the help of a test sample of aluminum foil, the test sample is clamped between two concentric circular plates and pressure is applied through manual clamping. The maximum clamping force that can be applied is 2700N. After the calibration is checked, Bursting Strength of sample is checked several times at different points on the sample then the final result is calculated by the mean of the readings we took as mentioned above, the Bursting Strength is measured in kg/cm2 and Bursting Factor is unit less. Double Head Digital Bursting Strength Tester works electrically through 220V 1 Phase AC supply.
Double Head Digital Bursting Strength Tester is used in paper mills, corrugation industries and other similar packaging industries.

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