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Uncertainty Regarding Authenticity? Use Pap-Tech Taber Type Stiffness Tester. , Taber Type Stiffness Tester, Stiffness Tester, Lab Testing Equipments, Stiffness Tester In Jaipur

Uncertainty Regarding Authenticity? Use Pap-Tech Taber Type Stiffness Tester.

Mon 19-Mar-2018 456

Whenever a paper, cardboard or any such type of material is being manufactured, it’s the most crucial thing to check its rigidity. So, are you sure that the result you are getting from your current instrument is accurate and reliable? Now, it’s the time to work over all these uncertainties and remove all the queries from your mind. Pap-Tech Taber type Stiffness Tester is especially designed to check the stiffness or bending resistance of any such type of material. In a paper industry stiffness testing is the most requisite thing and Pap-Tech Engineers’ Taber type Stiffness Tester gives the most incisive, analytical and reliable results.

Taber Type Stiffness Tester (PAP-2062(A)):

Pap-Tech Taber Type Stiffness Tester is designed for evaluating stiffness & resilient qualities of Paper, Plastics cardboard, light metallic sheets, Foil & other flexible material having comparatively strong bending resistance. One end of the test piece is easily fastened into the clamp. The max force required to bend the test piece to a specified angle is presented on the graduated scale.

Specimen is bent by 15 degree at a constant speed and when it becomes 50 mm in load length, bending moment required to bent specimen is measured in gcm unit and the stiffness of the material is determined. Rotation occurs clockwise and counters clockwise, so that stiffness can be measured in both the directions. Digital readout provides fast and accurate test results.

Technical Specifications:
 Its measuring range is 0-10000 stiffness unit.
 Thickness of the test material is 0.004 to 1/8 of an inch.
(if within load range of instrument)
 Pendulum used in the tester is two- directional.
 Display of the instrument is 3-1/2 digits.
 Transducer: Angle of rotations measure by imported shaft encoder.

Significant Features:
 It is provided with triple shear cutter.
 Measuring range is 0-10000 Stiffness Unit.
 Provided with imported gear motor driven.
 Most incisive and precise in working.

Application Standards:
 TAPPI- 489 m-69
 ASTM D-747-61-T
 JIS P-8185