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Pap-Tech Engineers and Associates manufactures and supplies the analog bursting strength tester, digital (microprocessor based) Bursting Strength Tester, Pneumatic bursting strength Tester, Fully Automatic Bursting Strength Tester.

Analog Bursting Strength Tester Single Head Double Gauge consists of a single head that is used for the testing of paper, paperboard, board and other similar products, two pressure gauge one of range 0-7kg/cm2 for the testing of paper and the other 0-35 kg/cm2 for the testing of board and one lever to change the testing from paper to board or vice versa. Analog Bursting Strength Tester machinery works on hydraulic pressure principle.Analog Bursting Strength Tester requires manual clamping.Analog Bursting Strength Tester Single Head Double Gauge has a board diaphragm of 79 mm which is designed such that we can check the readings of both paper as well as board. But we suggest this Bursting Strength Tester to our customers who wants to test more number of board samples with respect to paper samples as accuracy of board will be more than that of paper. If you need good accuracy for both paper board and want to check simultaneously then we suggest you our another model i.e. Analog Double Head Model PAP-2056-B.
For Analog Bursting Strength Tester, first we calibrate the machine using a test piece of aluminum foil. The test piece is clamped between the two concentric circular plates that are used to for the testing. To get the accurate reading of Bursting Strength of a paper or board we must check the bursting strength several times at different points, thus the readings comes on the pressure gauge and for the final result we take a mean of all the readings we took as mentioned above. The Bursting Strength is measured in kilogram per centimeters square.

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